Gopro hero 8 hdmi out

Just recieved my new hero 8, ive been using go pros for a while now mostly just to shoot hiking adventures and landscape stuff. I have been using the karma grip it has produced exceptionally stabalized video. I got the 8 tried out the whole hypersmooth thing and although I see how its a benefit I feel like its not all its cracked up to be and cant really compete with a gimbal and now that they have removed that functionality I am wondering if anyone knows a gimbal platform that would work with the hero 8 or should I just go back a generation to the hero 7 I like many of the hero 8s features such as hyperlapse and time lapse saving as a video so I dont have to do that stuff in post.

I just got my GP8 and am waiting to try it out. It should fit in the gimbal no issue, but hooking it up to the power supply could be an issue with the USB now on the base. Even if I can't plug in the USB to power the camera, it should still work for the duration of the camera battery. Also the power supply routes from the back of the moving gimbal to the side of the camera, so that won't be an issue either. The camera is secured to the gimbal via a u shaped hook with two adjustable screws on the back, so again, that will work too.

The back of the gimbal is flat plastic, so it's not like the camera has to fit exact contours to fit in, it just needs to sit roughly in the middle and then be secured by the u shaped hook. Will let you know what I find out. Hi, I am looking for a gimbal to fit my hero 8 and mount it to a drone most preferrably the 3DR Drone. Is this possible? I have seen the Gimbal heavily modified ie ripped apart to work with a GoPro Hero 6 and 7, but that is because both of those camera's have a HDMI out on board.

Droneworship has also done a lot of work on modifying a Storm32 gimbal to work with the GoPro Solo and Hero 4 and you can find info on his youtube channel. For most of these there is no control over the actual camera itself though. You only have the option of pressing record before take off. There is some Hackster info on rigging a control unit up for the GoPro 5, 6, 7 but it require a bit of knowledge and skill to get it working.

The only way it will have HDMI out is by purchasing a GoPro media module on sale this month which looks huge and will throw off any weight calibrations done to a gimbal set up for a GoPro Hero 5, 6, 7 or 8. You can of course use the stock mount non gimbal for mounting the GoPro Hero 8 to your 3DR solo, but you won't have any video preview or control of the camera whatsoever.

gopro hero 8 hdmi out

So essentially as of right now there is no true viable option to getting a Hero 8 onto any drone. If anyone has any ideas or feedback Id appreciate it. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 8 1, Views. Message 2 of 8 1, Views. I appreciate the input id appreciate it if you let me know if it works.

That product does show support for hero 7 but there is a minor difference in size for the hero8 in be curious to see it work. Message 3 of 8 1, Views. Message 4 of 8 1, Views. Awesome I appreciate you! Message 5 of 8 1, Views. Message 6 of 8 Views. Second answer Message 7 of 8 Views. That sucks considering its top of the market as of right now. Thanks for your help! Message 8 of 8 Views.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Unlimited cloud storage with PLUS. Free SD card with every camera. Terms Apply. With unshakable HyperSmooth 2. Add lights, mics and more—and get your creative on.

Live Streaming from my Hero 8 and media Mod

Get premium shotgun-mic performance, 3. A flip-up screen for framing your shots—so you can vlog like you mean it. Pre-order April A radical enhancement to HyperSmooth, HyperSmooth 2. Get that surreal TimeWarp effect you love—now with automatic speed selection. Or just tap to speed it up or slow it down. Crank up the contrast, kill the blur and shred.

The revamped algorithm delivers badass action shots with detail you never thought possible. LiveBurst mode captures 1. Or, share a 3-second 4K video clip. Ah, choice.

Harness that nighttime magic in 4K, 2. The GoPro app automatically creates awesome edits and makes it easy to share them with the world. You even get awesome on-screen shortcuts to your favorite features. Grab ridiculously smooth 8x slo-mo action. Now powered by HyperSmooth 2. It knows when you face the camera, smile, blink and more. The GoPro app even picks the best shot automatically.

Facebook app and account required. YouTube account required. Learn more. Fees apply.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site.

Learn More. But while it might initially appear like not much has changed, there are a few differences from the GoPro Hero 7 Black that could sway you towards the new model or, perhaps, towards its cheaper predecessor.

Is GoPro Hero8 Black Worth The Upgrade [Action Camera]

The big news, of course, are those new mods for the Hero 8 Black that add an external microphone, LED light and display to the device to beef up its vlogging credentials. But with those not due out untilwhat treats are there for you to enjoy in the meantime? Related: GoPro Hero 8 Black review. The GoPro Hero 5 Black was the first GoPro to be fully waterproof without a case, but you still needed to attach a frame to mount it on anything.

Well, the GoPro Hero 8 Black has finally fixed that. This may not sound like much, but it means you can now remove your microSD card or swap out the battery while the Hero 8 Black remains mounted. This is still technically possible on the Hero 7 Blackbecause the frame has an exposed cut-out for the ports.

gopro hero 8 hdmi out

Reassuringly, there are screws in place to let you swap in a new mount if that built-in one becomes broken. This feature is particularly handy for the kind of videos most people want to shoot on a GoPro bone-vibrating sports, for example.

Thanks to a new battery, the Hero 8 Black offers HyperSmooth 2. So if this new stabilisation is powered by a new battery, will you be able to use old units in the Hero 8 Black? Fortunately, the answer is yes. The new one is exactly the same shape as the standard GoPro AABAT battery, so any existing batteries you have will work in the Hero 8 Black just without the stabilisation benefits across all frame rates.

The new battery will work in older GoPros, too. These three accessories together turn the Hero 8 Black into a significantly more professional vlogging camera.

Which one's for you?

The Media Mod has a built-in shotgun mic for much-improved audio, plus a 3. Lastly, the waterproof Light Mod beams out lumens to help illuminate your subject, and is compatible with most GoPro mounts and accessories, so you can mount it to a tripod or headstrap.

Together, they look like a great all-in-one solution with the Hero 8 Black. But GoPros can be handy backups for extreme situations. In light of this, the Hero 8 Black brings some improvements in this area that include an improved SuperPhoto 2.

You can then either pick the best still, or share it as a three-second clip. Perhaps the most usual changes are in the UI. Looking for more of a gritty, specs-based comparison of the two action cameras? Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. Tell us what you think — email the Editor.

Mark Wilson. Mark was previously acting editor of Stuff.WOW interesting and facinating concept. One takes the time to know what he is buying and not blaming others for what you dont take responsibility to learn on your own.

The OP of this post could take a bit of that advice to the bank couldnt he. I agree with the OP. While I don't expect it to make coffee I would like to connect it to a switcher or external recorder.

The good news is that there is a Media Mod bolt-on option that does provide this function AND if you all took the time verus being unhelpful sods you might have gave the OP some usful info.

Cheers Boy'Os. Yes the real world is harsh yes the real world doesnt give you a gold star sticker like they did in the world unicorns of everyone gets a trophy contest and everyone is equal.

Yes when the op posts such ridiculous comments and post there are poeople out there to remind you how bad that is. Its a free country he can search his quest on another place if he sees fit. The world doesnt owe you squat the world doesnt owe you give you this information in a sugar coated way. So please by all means go find a soothing oitment for that touchy hole that is burning right now. Report Inappropriate Content. Message 9 of 14 Views. Reply 0 Kudos.

GoPro Hero8 Black review: The best gets better

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gopro hero 8 hdmi out

Message 13 of 14 Views. Message 14 of 14 Views.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity. Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter baconmeatballs Start date Jan 6, Tags camera connect gopro. While watching this video on youtube, i noticed that he figured out how to directly stream his Hero 8 to obs without any cords.

He said that he would split the video into 2 parts, but the second part has not been released yet and I need to figure out how he did this as soon as possible. If anybody knows, that would be great! By the way, the Hero 8 connects via a RTMP server, which is fine if connecting to Youtube or twitch, but I'd like to have it go through obs.

Narcogen Active Member. He's probably using an RTMP server to do it. MichaelGaranin New Member.

It converts incoming RTMP feed to "virtual camera". MichaelGaranin said:. Salve a tutti, mi trovo nella stessa situazione di dover collegare la gopro hero 8 black a obs, ho installato gopro2obs, eseguito tutto il procedimento per arrivare a avere il segnale video della gopro su obs ma una volta trovata la fonte su obs mi viene fuori nessun segnale Yeah, I looked at that app but it looked too sketchy to pay for.

I may have figured out a solution. I don't know if this will work because I haven't bought one yet, but in theory, this should solve it. MagicMIles New Member. While watching this video on youtube MobCam New Member. Pretty easy, although now I have no clue how to be connected on internet at the same time as my Mac is already connected to the GoPro.

Anyone has an idea? Involver New Member. I'm happy to pay that if it takes care of the problem but has anyone actually made it work?Can anyone reccomend a youtube link ro something similar showing how to stream using hero 8 via OBS? If you want to use your camera as a webcam for live streaming then you will need to purchase the GoPro Hero 8 media mod to achieve a HDMI out signal.

This is also why you can't find any information online about streaming from you GoPro Hero 8 using OBS software, simply because no one does this as it's not a supported function of the camera. You're trying to do a custom streaming setup that's more work than it's worth and no one else is doing this because they all realize this. The answer is some people will need to find solutions to these problems.

The new GoPro 8 as of now does not support the type of streaming you are looking for. Hero 7 Black does. I had the same problem. I had a client come to me and ask about an inexpensive streaming setup that had both high resolution and a camera that they could use in other areas of their life. After considering a lot of different brands I kept coming back to GoPro Hero 8. After ordering everything up and doing a bunch of research I found out that the media mod HDMI out still doesn't output to a stream.

It's actually a really cool idea just GoPro had to go and botch it up on the Hero 8's. I would almost buy a 7 just for that functionality. It works really well and latency in p is negligible. Any other questions feel free to ask. In this scenario, our client had several additional asks and we found this to be the most robust and economical for the money. Plus we can customize and scale it with rode mics. There is no decent information anywhere really online.

Im dissapointed. Please put me out of my misery.Might of helped Telling the Public about this before release?? GoPro also didn't mention that the camera doesn't do the following:. Irishman "High fives" LoL its amazing what people complain about or expect people to hold their hand and walk them through life. I am amazed some poeple can figure out what end to wipe with toilet paper.

It's up to people to actually read that and see what it does have. If it doesn't mention something then assume that it doesn't have it rather than assume that it does have it because it doesn't say it hasn't got it.

There seems to be two types of people out there who shouldn't be allowed to buy things online. There's the group who buy something for features that it doesn't have, doesn't claim to have and never said it would have then complain that it doesn't have it. Then there's those people who buy something to perform a role that it wasn't designed to do, is nothing near to what it was designed to do, was never advertised as being suitable to perform and yet thet still complain that it cant do the thing they want and expect the manufacturer to correct it ASAP.

It was because of doing careful research, reading the reviews and knowing what was included and what wasn't included with the camera that I didn't buy a GoPro Hero Max.

Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 14 Views. Reply 0 Kudos. The list goes on Message 2 of 14 Views. Reply 3 Kudos. Gopro said they cut cost, no one pays attention. Message 3 of 14 Views. Message 4 of 14 Views. Message 5 of 14 Views. Message 6 of 14 Views. Reply 1 Kudo. Message 7 of 14 Views. Aww, next you'llbe saying that it doesn't come with a helicopter and bulldog.

Those marketing guys promise you the world Message 8 of 14 Views.

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