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Conan the Barbarian

Ran is Shinichi's childhood friend and love interest. They have known each other and been close friends and playmates ever since they met in kindergarten. This caused some censure from Eri Kisaki, Ran's mother. On the other hand, Kudo Yukiko -- Shinichi's mother -- greatly approves of their relationship and even called Ran her future daughter-in-law. They currently live together with Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri.

Shinichi has, as Conan, experienced lots of affectionate moments with Ran: hugging, holding hands, sitting in her lap etc. While still in Conan's body, Shinichi always tried to keep other guys away from Ran, as seen in episode 6 when he told a guy to never go near her, but in the end discovered the chocolate Ran made for the guy was only a Friendship Chocolate.

Shinichi uncanonically confessed to Ran in the 4th movie 'Captured In Her Eyes' which she mistook as his attempt to get her memory back. He also, when briefly returned to his true form, canonically planned to either confess or propose to her but was interrupted by a case and turned back into Conan before he could say anything. When Shinichi went missing Ran was worried sick so much that she couldn't even sleep and was on the verge of going to the police. Although it's dangerous, Shinichi has given her his cell phone number for her to call whenever she want to, and, as Conan, uses his bow tie to call her from time to time.

Shinichi can't risk telling Ran about his secret identity before the Black Organisation is defeated because he knows that she if she knew the truth, she would be put in grave danger.

Although Shinichi himself admitted that he indeed does love Ran, he painfully forbid himself to tell her his feelings, because he knows she will miss him even more and he doesn't want to see her cry anymore, even if it means that he is no longer have a place in her heart it is possible, however, that Shinichi hasn't really thought this last statement through, as even after this he's seen getting jealous and fending off any men who get close to her, which proves he clearly does care if someone else replaces him in her heart.

Despite their obstacles, it is quite obvious that throughout the series Ran and Shinichi Conan have a relationship that started as childhood friends but developed into love - however, how long it will take until it is safe for this love to prosper and be openly shown depends on the impending defeat of the Black Organization.

While they're heading back home they heard the news that one of the club's members was murdered, and there's a possibility this was a serial murder.

They hastily went back but the bridge was already in flames. Conan ran across the burning bridge without a second thought and shouted," Ran!

Conan said," Ran Hurry, run away from here Ran dropped the unconscious party and nursed him instead. Conan is very sad that Ran cries because Shinichi is not with her and he wishes that she notices it him, Really? Conan changes back into Shinichi to preserve his identity.

He first solves the case at the high school play, where they almost kiss, then takes Ran to a date at an expensive restaurant in attempt to confess to her.Ran Mouri deserves better than what she has to deal with in Case Closed. For whatever reason, Ran is the exact opposite of her dad, Kogoro. She managed to figure out mahjong so quickly she was not only able to stop Kogoro from losing his shirt, but also get winnings from everyone else at the table with him.

New to a school, she spent a lot of time having to deal with mean kids who wanted to take their shot at the new girl. However, the main reason for this is because her physical skills as a martial artist would be ineffective. But Ran has stuck with the classic cellphone for years now, though likely with good reason. After Shinichi once caused her phone to fall into a sewer, he replaced it for her and took her to a theme park called Tropical Land.

That, and probably the battery life is great. No, not that Lupin. Her name is based off a Japanese pronunciation of Maurice Leblanc, the French novelist responsible for Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief.

It seems Gosho Aoyama really, really loves Lupin. Initially, Ran picked up a love for karate after seeing the national champion, Satoru Maeda, in combat when she was only ten. Ran is constantly trying to play matchmaker with different characters in the series, even mistakenly attempting to pair Conan off with Ai, a member of the Detective Boys.

conan and ran

But the couple she wants to happen the most is her father and mother getting back together. From the beginning, Shinichi has been trying to keep his identity secret to everyone so he can avoid getting them in trouble. Though the series ran on adult swim for a while, it never quite took off like some other anime did, and was dropped after a couple years. But the anime continues to this day, with the series having reached the quadruple digits in episode counts.

Now if she could just get him to tell the truth about being Conan Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists case closed. Blue Flag Vol. Tokyo Ghoul :re, Vol.Anime: Episode 1. Shiori Kutsuna 2nd. She is the childhood friend and the romantic interest of Shinichi Kudo and the daughter of Kogoro Mouri. Ran is a childhood friend of Shinichi Kudo. She is the daughter of Kogoro Mouria private detective, and Eri Kisakia lawyer. Her parents separated when she was seven, and one of her biggest goals is to get them back together.

Her best friend besides Shinichi is her classmate Sonokowho often teases her about her relationship with Shinichi. They met his mother and her actress friend, Sharon Vineyard also known as Vermouth, a member of the Black Organization.

Later that evening, Vermouth disguised as a serial killer to do BO work, and was saved by Ran and Shinichi who encountered her on their way back from a show-turned-murder case. Vermouth have fallen to her death, but Ran caught her arm and Shinichi helped her pull Vermouth to safety. Vermouth later showed hesitance to kill Ran and later Conan as well, but whether or not it was because of any emotional attachment is unclear.

It was during this trip that Ran realized her feelings for Shinichi. After Shinichi's disappearance, Ran met Conan Edogawawho was introduced by Professor Agasa as a "distant relative". At Agasa's request, Ran agreed to look after him, and immediately came to think of him as a surrogate little brother. Ran has come to suspect Conan's identity multiple times, but Conan always manages a sufficient alibi to satisfy her concerns. Ran's greatest personality trait is that she genuinely cares for those she loves.

She is also patient, kind, and nurturing. She has a very overwhelming personality, quickly able to intimidate people when angered. Like Shinichi, she highly values justice to the point of idealism. To avoid making Shinichi choose between her and his important case really an excuse because Shinichi has turned into Conan and can't returnshe has decided to wait for him to finish it, trusting his promise that he will come back, despite their separation causing Ran a lot of emotional pain.

Ran is also very hot-blooded and tends to act on impulses when the people she cares about are involved; the combination of jumping to conclusions and not hesitating to use karate on those who she perceives to have wronged someone have led to several "near-miss" misunderstandings.

She is also not above using martial arts as a subtle threat to keep people, including her father, in line. In earlier stories, she would become violently suspicious if she thought Shinichi was philandering, although more recently his confessions have lead her to trust his intentions. Ran can be very brave and resourceful when she wants to be, and rescues Conan from trouble on occasion. However, she has an irrational fear of the supernatural and is thus—unlike her friend Sonoko—absolutely no fan of anything related to the horror genre.

She also constantly tries to reunite her father and mother again, though with little success, thanks to the mutual stubbornness of both parents. Ran is typically unaware of her own attractiveness, and usually remains oblivious when men try to flirt with her, often to Sonoko's exasperation. If made aware, Ran doesn't respond in kind due to her feelings for Shinichi.

conan and ran

Even though Ran is in love with Shinichi, she has repeatedly failed to convey her feelings because she suddenly becomes self-conscious. Ran is very self-sufficient for her age, since her father is often drunk, slovenly, and fiscally irresponsible.

conan and ran

She handles many of the Mouri household's financial affairs and all the cooking and housework. She also ensures Kogoro doesn't slack off on his job, is on his best behavior for client meetings, and she often greets and provides refreshments for potential clients.

She also appreciates fine art. Ran is noted by both Shinichi and Shuichi Akai to cry a lot.Conan the Barbarian also known as Conan the Cimmerian is a fictional sword and sorcery hero who originated in pulp magazines and has since been adapted to bookscomicsseveral films including Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyertelevision programs animated and live-actionvideo gamesrole-playing gamesand other media.

The character was created by writer Robert E. Howard in for a series of fantasy stories published in Weird Tales magazine. Conan the Barbarian was created by Robert E.

Howard in a series of fantasy stories published in Weird Tales in Some Howard scholars believe this Conan to be a forerunner of the more famous character. In FebruaryHoward vacationed at a border town on the lower Rio Grande.

During this trip, he further conceived the character of Conan and also wrote the poem " Cimmeria ", much of which echoes specific passages in Plutarch 's Lives. Having digested these prior influences after he returned from his trip, Howard rewrote a rejected story, " By This Axe I Rule! Although " The Frost-Giant's Daughter " was rejected, the magazine accepted "The Phoenix on the Sword" after it received the requested polishing, and published it in the December issue.

Editor Farnsworth Wright subsequently prompted Howard to write an 8,word essay for personal use detailing "the Hyborian Age ", the fictional setting for Conan. Using this essay as his guideline, Howard began plotting " The Tower of the Elephant ", a new Conan story that was the first to truly integrate his new conception of the Hyborian world. Following Howard's death, the copyright of the Conan stories passed through several hands. Eventually, under the guidance of L.

Sprague de Camp and Lin Carterthe stories were edited, revised, and sometimes rewritten. For roughly 40 years, the original versions of Howard's Conan stories remained out of print. Inthe publisher Berkley Books issued three volumes using the earliest published form of the texts from Weird Tales[ citation needed ] but these failed to displace the edited versions.

In the s and s, the copyright holders of the Conan franchise permitted Howard's stories to go out of print entirely, [ citation needed ] while continuing to sell Conan works by other authors. Inthe British publisher Gollancz Science Fiction issued a two-volume, complete edition of Howard's Conan stories as part of its Fantasy Masterworks imprint, which included several stories that had never seen print in their original form.

Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri

The Gollancz edition mostly used the versions of the stories as published in Weird Tales.Detective Conan's Main Love couple, Ran and Shinichi, are one the most popular points of the whole anime and manga series.

Because Shinichi was shrunken down to a size of a kid he can't confess his real feelings to ran because of this transformation that keeps him from doing so. Since this transformation, Shinichi, while undercover as 'Conan', lives with ran and her father Kogoro Mouri to find the evil Black Orginization that has shrunken him down to a size of a Elementery Student so that he can return to his normal body and confess his love to ran.

Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo Rachel Moore and Jimmy Kudo in the funimation Adaption have known each other since the tender years of kindergarden, so they have known each other since little kids all the way to Young teenagers.

They Know possibly everything there is to know about each other including, their favoret color, family issues,childhood secrets, ect.

There family is close to each other as well since Yukiko and Eri went to the same high school and are best friends, in which they would set up play dates for the two so that they could play together while they talked. Ran has also bin on a trip with shinichi and his parents to new york before which shows how close ran is to the kudo family. Yukiko also hopes ran will be part of the family when she Wishes that ran will become her Daughter-in-law.

All in all though, ran and shinichi are best friends Through and through and that is what developed these strong romantic feelings that they have for each other.

We also see how ran gets jealous of all the fangirls he has gotten. Later she asks him if he wouldn't just want one girlfriend, shinichi says this once to himself in a hushed whisper than looks over to ran, which shows the audience that he likes-likes her. Shinichi promised ran that he would take her to tropical land if she won the karate tournament, which she does and so this episode implies that they will go on a date, when they go to tropical land while they get into the mystery coaster, ran says that the mystery talk is getting old after she fools him, when they got up just before they went into the cave she asks him the real reason for comming and then grabs his had.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Ran and Shinichi's Love will last through the pain and sorrow History Together Edit Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo Rachel Moore and Jimmy Kudo in the funimation Adaption have known each other since the tender years of kindergarden, so they have known each other since little kids all the way to Young teenagers. Categories :. Cancel Save.I'm also pairing ConanXRan because it's a cute shipping that's rare to see. The shrunken detective and karate champion sat down and started eating their dinner while making small conversation, "So how was your day at school?

Suddenly Ran silently put down her chopsticks and looked down not facing her small companion causing him to become concerned, "Ran-neechan" She then looked up with a mixture of sadness, fear, and a sliver of hope in her eyes, "Conan I don't love Shinichi anymore After those words left her mouth Conan felt his heart literally break in half, "But Ran-neechan, Shinichi-niichan's going to come back soon and he wants to be there when he's back!

I've fallen for someone else," Then the strong teenager girl burst into tears. The detective immediately walked over to his love and hugged her the best he could and finally asked, "Who is he? Choking through a sob she looked up at him, "It's you, Conan He stared at her for moment, "Shouldn't you wait for your crush's answer first before you go," then paused for a brief time, "because he could like you back Ran gasped softly, "Are you serious?

They shared a short yet sweet and tender kiss then pulled away, "Let's go to bed now we'll talk more tomorrow," she said and walked away. Still stunned he stood there for a couple of seconds before getting ready for bed. It was midnight yet the shrunken detective couldn't sleep, 'I can't believe is in love with Conan, ironic isn't it I'm always defending myself and she falls in love with my younger alter ego more than Shinichi enough to get over him.

But I am happy she won't feel neglected anymore waiting for Shinichi What if Haibara finds the antidote? What if she finds out who I really am? I guess I'll deal with it when it comes. The door clicked automatically he turned his head to the sound and spotted Ran standing there hugging a pillow, then his gaze followed as she walked toward his bed and slipped in.

He smiled as they snuggled together and whispered quietly before joining her in sleep, "I love you too, Ran Hoped you enjoyed it and if not too bad Story Story Writer Forum Community. Series 1. It's time for dinner! Later that night She nodded, "Good night, Conan-kun I love you Confessions 2.

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